NMHC Reservation Request Process Policies

NMHC will approve all room reservation requests before they are confirmed. You must be registered prior to requesting a room/suite and company memberships must be in good standing from registration date throughout the conference dates. Please retain your “meeting registration confirmation number” as you will need this to make a room reservation request.

Confirmation is based on company membership level, maxed PAC individuals, sponsorship, what meeting guest is registered for and hotel availability at the time the hotel request was made. Each attendee must be registered for the NMHC Apartment Strategies Outlook Conference and/or the NMHC Annual Meeting.

The room type OR hotel that is requested may no longer be available when your reservation request is processed. If the room type or hotel you request is not available when your request is processed, you will be assigned the “next best room type or hotel”.

Note: Room reservation requests received before August 15 may take up to 30 business days to confirm.

For those registered for Annual Meeting as an Emerging Leader or for ONLY the Apartment Strategies Outlook Conference:
• Any request made at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego will NOT be confirmed because those hotels are reserved for attendees registered for both the NMHC Annual Meeting AND the NMHC Apartment Strategies Outlook Conference or just the NMHC Annual Meeting.
• You will be assigned to one of our official conference properties.
• Registering for the NMHC Annual Meeting after you’ve registered for just the NMHC Apartment Strategies Outlook Conference, does not mean a room at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego will be made available.

For those registered for both the NMHC Annual Meeting AND the NMHC Apartment Strategies Outlook Conference:
• Use the Annual Meeting “meeting registration confirmation number” when making a room reservation request. If you use your Apartment Strategies Outlook Conference “meeting registration confirmation number” this may result in a delay of the hotel confirmation process and/or relocating the request to one of our other official hotels.

Due to limited room inventory, NMHC cannot guarantee that all member firms will be able to have confirmed reservations at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego, nor that all registrants from the same firm will all be placed in the same hotel.

If you have any questions regarding your room reservation request please contact Staged Right Events by email at info@stagedrightevents.com or call 954-404-8252 between 9am and 5pm EST, Monday-Friday.

Do not contact hotels directly or NMHC as you will be directed to Staged Right Events.